June is my Favorite.

Actually … that’s a lie, September is probably my favorite .. BUT these are my favorite things THIS MONTH!! Which happens to be June :)


1. www.SkinnyTaste.Com


Okay, I’ve been on a health kick ….. seriously my diet would make some-bunny jealous … But in eating way less and way healthier, I have discovered (with the help of a friend)  www.SkinnyTaste.com . On this site, you can find lightened up recipes of favorites, and new alike ! Another site that is amazing is EmilyBites.com , I am currently smelling the smell of Home Made Braciole, that miss Emily Bites convinced me I could make… Can’t wait to try it!. If you’re looking for some recipes to make for yourself, and your family .. these two sites are great to feed picky eaters (me) without slapping on pounds of butter and cream!


2. Jen Lancaster



My favorite type of book is .. Chick Lit. My favorite Author, is Jen Lancaster. She is Hilarious, and not one single book she’s ever written has Disappointed me. They are great, easy reads that  will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry. I am looking very forward to her newest book “The Tao of Martha” in which Jen lives the life-lessons of Martha Stewart for an entire year.  I am sure hilarity ensues and I might pick up a few tips !


3. Picture Polish


It is NO secret that I am a polish addict… and hoarder. Well one day I ran across the Australian brand Picture Polish while browsing www.Llarowe.com  (if you’re a polish addict and DON’T know about this site … then .. well.. no that isn’t possible)

So, I purchased a few of these polishes… and INSTANTLY fell in love…. they have proven to be my favorite formula of polish that Ive tried this far…. Cosmos is my personal favorite thus far, and .. may be the most gorgeous color I have EVER used. Being as I have .. 100’s of polishes.. ( literally ) this is a Big deal !!!

4. Bruno Mars and Olly Murrs

bruno olly

These two men are what you will hear me be-bopping around to in my apartment if you happen to walk by ..

Bruno Mars has been on the scene for a minute longer than Olly, but both have a ……. retro, throw back channel that I am OBSESSED with!!! Anything that I can dance around like an idiot with my dog in my kitchen is a real winner for me .. My top song suggestions for the two of them are :

Bruno: Natalie & Young Girls

Olly: Dance with me Tonight & Troublemaker

Listen now, thank me later . ( don’t forget to dance around like an idiot .. it is IMPERATIVE !! )

5.Guerlain Ceil d’Enfer Maxi Lash  Aka. KICK ASS MASCARA


Lets begin by saying . SEPHORA IS EVIL…. and by evil, I mean brilliant. I was buying some essentials online and of course online you get to pick out 3 free samples with any order. So I did .. This Mascara was one of them ….. which in itself was an oddity.. I usually do not mix up my mascaras.. as I really am partial to Huge Thick Long …….. Lashes.

I decided to try it yesterday as I wasn’t going to wear my trademark cat-eye liner… but still needed a little eye drama. I put this mascara on. It proceeded to BLOW MY MIND. No smudging, no clumping, thick beautiful perfect lashes. To be FAIR I love the falsie look, so I want my lashes to be a little longer than this mascara can fulfill, but that is easily remedied with a coat of a lengthener previous to this finishing touch.

The kicker, it is $30.00 .. THIRTY FREAKING DOLLARS .. This is way more than I’d usually EVER spend on a mascara …………. But I am justifying it because .. well I am. Trust me.. you try it, you will too !

Alright friends, that will do it for this months favorite things .. keep a look out for some more posts this month ….. I am hoping to spend some time typing away for the sake of your entertainment!

<3 LM Gold  



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8 comments on “June is my Favorite.
  1. Jill says:

    Sephora really is evil! And by evil I mean FANTASTIC. I don’t think I could ever spend $30 on mascara… but I really want to try that now!!!

  2. Emily says:

    Damn girl. 30 bucks for mascara. What they playin at!!?!?!? Buuuuuut like the previous person, I SO WANNA TRY IT now! Crazy. I actually need to find a new mascara that I love for every-day use… they discontinued my MAC mascaras (those bastards!! *shaking fist*) and I haven’t really found a “go to” mascara since (it’s been like 6 months?).

    As for the rest. I LOVE what I’ve read of Jen Lancaster thus far… My first Picture Polish is SO FABULOUS — Thank you for giving it to me! and…. I will have to check out those websites! :)

    Love ya,

    • LM Gold LM Gold says:

      The Mascara is .. SO GOOD. but . heres the thing …. I have always *hated* Mac mascara…… so, being as thats your fav.. you may hate this one .. haha. For a drugstore one, I like Falsies Flared and …… Mega Plush Volume Express. Try those before you spend 30 dollars… seriously.
      :) :) :) You’ll love the websites.. healthier DELICIOUS options for meals.. Yum

      • Jill says:

        I love Mega Plush Volume Express! Awesome mascara!

        • LM Gold LM Gold says:

          RIGHT! I do love it too :) I like to use two Mascara formulas together. They get better volume and lengthen better that way!

      • Emily says:

        I liked MAC’s MascaraX mascara specifically. I’m not super happy with their other ones… Mascara X doesn’t hurt my eyes AND defined pretty well. That’s the issue… My eyes are somewhat sensitive and I wear contacts.

        I really just need to stop being lazy and try a few other types/brands to figure out one that works well for me.

        I’ll definitely check out the websites soon. :) Thanks for highlighting them!

        • LM Gold LM Gold says:

          I never could get into MAC’s Mascaras…. so I can’t even make a good recommendation … I wear contacts but my eyes don’t seem to be sensitive at all. i will say that the Gulerain one .. has a slight rose scent to it .. that may be irritating to sensitive eyes… boo!

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